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Ready To Invest In You?
You are worthy, and you are enough!


     So you're wanting to step out of your comfort zone and book your boudoir session, but you're unsure of where to start. First click book now, and fill out the contact form. You'll receive a reply back within 24 hours to book your phone consultation to go over any questions you may have, pricing, and dates you have in mind for your session! 

     Next, we book your session! You will review and sign your contract, and then pay your session fee. Once that part is out of the way we get a game plan for your session like makeup, outfit ideas, studio sets.

     Next is the BEST part! Just show up with your outfits if you’re bringing any and we will do the rest. Get pampered with makeup before your session, and let me guide you completely through every pose.

     And finally, your REVEAL! This is where you get to see your fully perfected proofs, and you get to select your digitals!

   Remember this is not just a photoshoot. It’s a life experience that offers you self-confidence, learning that you can do something daring and that good things come from it!




- Professional makeup services

- Access to lingerie in my client closet

- 1 hour studio session 

- 3+ looks

- Professional guidance from booking your session all the way to your ordering session

- Professional retouching of your images 

- 25 digital images 


How do I book my session?

Step 1) Go to contact form

Step 2) Confirm boudoir date

Step 3) Pay non refundable retainer 

Optional step:

Step 4) Do a happy dance because you booked your session!

Is makeup included with my session?

Yes it is! If you are more comfortable doing your own you are welcome to as well for your session.

When do I receive my photos?

Within the first 24 hours you will receive a few previews from your session. But your full gallery will be ready within 2 weeks.

Do I have to share my photos online?

No you don't, with how intimate and personal boudoir sessions are you do NOT have to share your images online if you aren't comfortable doing that. My clients privacy is the most important thing. 

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Ready to invest in yourself?

If this sounds like the session for you, click the button below

because you deserve it. Let's chat more and plan

your dream boudoir session.

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